Posted by: George Christopher | August 4, 2009

Flex returning ManagedObjectProxy instances instead of your Flex/Java Classes


During my Flex-Java integration work I got the following error:

ERROR  – IllegalArgumentException in class: <classname>, getter method of property: <property>

When I analyzed this problem I found that flex was returning instances of instead of my Java info objects. I tried for hours together to solve this problem but none of the sites could provide me an answer. After a long search I ended up here and found the answer.

Solution by Bill White:

If you find that the DataService is returning managedobjectproxy instances rather than the strongly typed actionscript objects you have created, make sure you have declared an instance of the actionscript class in your flex code, even if you are not going to use it. You need a reference to the class to create a dependency on it so that it will stay in the swf like this:

public var myclass:MyClass;

Having this statement in your Flex code should be enough to get the DataService to correctly translate your class into the corresponding class rather than the managedobjectproxy class.

This error could also get manifested as a ClassNotFoundException for the ManagedObjectProxy in the Java side. The solution to those problems are also the same as given above.


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