Posted by: George Christopher | August 5, 2009

Best Flex Resources and Tutorials Sites

Flex unlike Java does not have a large amount of resource on the net. But there are few very good sites and amazing developers who keep posting their work which can help the beginners in flex and even experienced developers to a great extent.

I have given below a compilation of best flex resources on the net which I found from here .

1.Flex Examples

Flex Examples

Peter deHaan currently works for Adobe on the Flex SDK QA team. He writes so many small tutorials that it’s hard to even keep up with this man on any level. I always go to this site if I am in need of a small specific item.

2. Dzone


Dzone is a great community based site for sharing developer links. The site is setup in a similar fashion as popular sites such as Digg or Reddit. The great thing is that this site has as many tutorials linked on it as anywhere else on the web.

3.Adobe Flex Developer Center and Cookbook

Flex Developer Center

The Adobe Developer Center is great resource for complete tutorials and articles on how to get started with Flex or any of the other Adobe products. The other Adobe resource is the Cookbook which is built off of community code snippets that solve small programming tasks.

4. Doug McCune

Doug McCune's Blog

Doug is a pretty big name in the Flex community (he gives presentations all over the country at Flex events), most of the items you are going to find on his site are examples of cool applications built using Flex. These examples usually include the source code. I would not strictly call them tutorials, but all the source and examples make it a great place to learn Flexing techniques. Flash Blog

Franto Flex and Flash Site

This blog is written by Frantisek Kormanak (Franto) and has great deal of posts on how to program in Flex and in Flash. I would say that most of his posts are informational and include great examples.

6. is the main community site for Flex developers, which includes a showcase and resources for everything from PHP to .Net.

7. Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart's Blog

Ryan Stewart is a Platform Evangelist for Adobe who is also a prolific blogger. He writes about anything involving RIAs and web technologies that catch his fancy. You can also check out his ZDNet blog here.

8. Alex Harui

Alex Harui's Flex Blog

Alex writes short posts that are usually nice Flex examples solving common and uncommon problems people run across in Flex. He works with the Adobe Flex core team in San Francisco.

9. Eric Feminella

Eric Feminella's Blog

This gentleman writes very interesting pieces on Flex, AS3, and programming architecture. He has given a lot of code to the community and is always trying to architect a new solutions for common issues.

10. Switch on the Code


Other good flex sites:


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