Posted by: George Christopher | August 6, 2009

Monkeys or Gorilla?

I came across the following posters in the website of the Product development company called Gorilla Logic specializing in Flex and Java. They claim that their developers are 10x (10 times) more productive or efficient in delivering value to the customers.



Their exact claim is “10X Productivity, Cost Savings and Quality Difference” which essentially means that one of their software developer would be table to do the work that 10 people do in other companies. They simply bank on the technical expertise of their developers to leverage the business growth of the company.

My thoughts :

I was greatly impressed by their strategy as I am a firm believer in the fact that,  in most times , a work done by 5 or 10 people can be done by a single person who is a technical expert with a clear overview of business requirement or using a tool. I always felt that the absence or very minimal product developments that happen in Indian software companies when compared to the services is because of the lack of technical expertise and the ability of developers to be on top of new upcoming technologies and used them appropriately in the required places.



  1. Good that u shared this, this is what u told me right.
    Sema concept machan

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